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Our Climate solutions

VB is the leading specialist in creating the optimum greenhouse climate. The climate determines the quality and quantity of your production. Both optimum production conditions and minimum energy consumption are important.

ActivAir climate system

Thanks to the ActivAir system, mixing two airflows is no longer a problem. 

Co2 systems

VB supplies advanced CO2 systems for your greenhouse to promote crop growth and increase yields. 

Geothermal heat connections

We rely on our experience and expertise of the most innovative technologies to individually design every energy project.

Heating and cooling systems

Optimum integration of your greenhouse and technology creates the best climate for your crop.

Semi-closed greenhouse concepts

VB is your supplier of custom-made semi-closed greenhouse concepts that meet all your needs.

Completed projects

Interested in details about our projects? Check out the projects we’re working on, and the locations where we’re active.

All projects
Complete climate system for high-tech greenhouse in Mexico

Sustainable greenhouse for Finka


"State Governor Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez attended the grand opening, and expressed his delight at this 22-hectare high-tech project."

Nanne Bentvelzen - Technical Sales Manager VB
50 acre future to farming

Bushel Boy Farms building to the future


"This climate is so perfect for the tomato plant that fungi doesn’t have a chance".

Wil Ruigrok, Mason City Bushel Boy Farms
360 kilometers of pipelines

Complete climate solution for Hoogweg


Sustainably grown bell peppers from one of the most impressive nurseries in Northern Netherlands. Hoogweg is a great example of how economies of scale can be utilized in the horticultural sector.

Third project for United Farms by VB

Nieuwe klimaatsystemen koppelen aan bestaand


The Mexican horticultural sector is a major contributor to North America's food supply.

Largest heat storage tank for Intergrow

Modern new greenhouse in New York


We had a fairly short construction deadline and VB was able to deliver the finished product on time and in a satisfactory manner.

Dirk Biemans, Intergrow
13 acres new construction for 4Evergreen

4Evergreen commits to sustainable growth


Winner of the Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize!

Modern greenhouse of 17 hectares

Record pace and top quality


The French market is a very good market. There is a demand for clean, sustainably grown, quality products: the tomatoes have to be red and flavorful.

Jean Marc Paimblanc, Le Marichers du Mont Saint-Michel
 Home installer for years

Sustainable relationship


Guided by vision, driven by ambition.

Frank van Kleef, royalpride.
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Are you looking for the most innovative and sustainable solutions in air conditioning systems?

Our team of experts is ready to provide you with tailor-made advice! With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we can help you find the ideal air conditioning system for your specific needs. Contact us today, and find out how we can optimise your climate control!

Our approach

VB is a specialist in complete innovative solutions in the fast-changing horticultural world.

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