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Our Horti solutions

VB supplies complete turnkey greenhouse construction projects worldwide, with all the necessary installations. Investing in a comprehensive VB greenhouse concept is investing in a technically sophisticated and sustainable solution. Supported by our Climate department, our drive is to continuously improve, creating a sustainable platform for growth.

Artificial / LED lighting

Artificial lighting is a technology used to cultivate plants in greenhouses and get them to flower. 

Climate installations

Optimum integration of your greenhouse and technology creates the best climate for your crop. 

Complete greenhouse construction projects

VB realises greenhouse construction projects anywhere in the world. We supply these complete with all installations.

Greenhouse structures

Investing in VB greenhouse concepts is investing in a technically sophisticated and sustainable solution.

In-house logistics

For optimal utilisation of the available greenhouse area, VB offers various logistical cultivation solutions. 

Screen installations

As well as the greenhouse, the screen, heating, irrigation and cooling have a significant impact on the crop's environment.

Training and project management

From the very first advice to completion, you have a single point of contact only.

Water and electrical installations

The quality and reliability of the water systems and electrical installations in horticulture is crucial. 

Completed projects

Interested in details about our projects? Check out the projects we’re working on, and the locations where we’re active.

All projects
VB builds 3-hectare deepfloat lettuce system

Turn-key greenhouse for Revol


"Together with our partners, we devised an innovative solution for cooling the greenhouse, resulting in sustainable lettuce cultivation."

Frank van Veen - Operational Manager Horti
Sustainable greenhouse in extreme conditions

An ultramodern greenhouse


“All our 40 acres have been with VB, from the beginning, we have worked well together.”

Paul Sellew, Little Leaf Farms
 Tomatoes in the Chicago area year round

VB head contractor for Mighty Vine

 Impressive greenhouse complex for Schenkeveld

Future-proof facility


With everyone's combined efforts, the greenhouse and the processing area were finished on time, and we were even able to harvest the first tomatoes before New Year's Eve.

Richard Schenkeveld, Schenkeveld
Back-cross factory for Syngenta at Enkhuizen

Complete greenhouse, screen systems and climate installations


We set high quality standards when it comes to safety during the construction process, but VB even makes it possible to test our new greenhouse while it is still under construction!

Jeroen Greiner, Syngenta
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VB Office

Are you about to start a large-scale greenhouse construction project, and looking for personalised advice?

Our team of experts has years of experience and in-depth expertise in complete turnkey horticultural projects around the world! We’re here to help you!

Our approach

VB is a specialist in complete innovative solutions in the fast-changing horticultural world.

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