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An ultra-Modern Greenhouse

A unique project for Greennova

  • Client Greenova
  • Area 5,3 hectare
  • Produce Melons
  • Location Querétaro, Mexico
  • Year(s) 2023

Project application

Greennova, a unique project in the Mexican Republic, is renowned as the most successful supplier of greenhouse melons. In 2023, it faced the challenge of expanding its capacity and improving operational efficiency. Therefore, Greennova sought a reliable partner to realize their ambitious growth plans.

Challenge and approach

VB was approached to realize the expansion of 5.3 hectares. The main challenge was to create an optimal growth environment for the melons, even during the colder winter months. To achieve this, VB supplied a buffer tank of 3,300 m3, providing sufficient capacity to maintain an ideal temperature through various mixing groups, rail tubes, and crop pipes. Additionally, heating was provided to another existing block, improving the overall efficiency of the greenhouse complex.

Results and features

Thanks to the collaboration with VB, Greennova was able to increase its production capacity while maintaining the quality of the melons. The solutions provided ensure a stable growth environment throughout the year, allowing Greennova to maintain and strengthen its reputation as a leading supplier of greenhouse melons. The implementation of the buffer tank and advanced heating solutions illustrate VB's commitment to delivering customized solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers.

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