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Sustainable geothermal energy with Trias Westland

54 horticultural companies connected

  • Client Trias Westland
  • Area n.v.t.
  • Produce Geothermal heat
  • Location Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Year(s)
This is a project by and for the growers. It is very powerful that, through their own cooperative, they collaborate with each other, as well as with large regional companies.

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Westland growers associated with Trias Westland heat their greenhouses in a sustainable way. Thanks to a connection to geothermal energy, growers need much less natural gas. Geothermal heat is available forever and its use leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in Greenport Westland. This also leads to a decrease in dependence on fossil fuels, and due to a decrease in nitrogen emissions, air quality also improves.

Challenge and approach

VB is responsible for the realization of the above-ground installation of the Trias Westland geothermal project. For this project, drilling is performed to a depth of 2.3 km to access geothermal energy, and over 54 horticultural companies can be connected to this source. VB is responsible for the entire route from the source connection all the way through to the heat distribution to the participating companies. VB is also responsible for the associated automation and degasification.

Results and approach

At 87 degrees Celsius, and with an excellent flow, Trias Westland has the perfect well for heat extraction. The first well they drilled has proven to be beneficial for the injection of the cooled water. Natural gas was found during the production test, which will be converted into extra heat through use of a boiler. Eventually, the intention is to convert the natural gas inside a CHP into electricity and extra heat. Part of the electricity will be used to pump the hot water.

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Overview with implemented solutions