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Expansion of Westland geothermal plant

Sustainable Geothermal heat

  • Client Aardwarmte Vogelaer
  • Area n.v.t.
  • Produce Geothermal heat
  • Location Poeldijk, Nederland
  • Year(s) 2017 - 2023
"Work on the new facilities is expected to start in September this year, and be completed in 2024."
Bas Keijzer - Operational Manager Energy

Project Application

VB was commissioned to design and realise the above-ground geothermal installations and underground transport pipelines for the Geothermal Heat Vogelaer 2 project. Geothermal Vogelaer 2 is an extension of the existing project Geothermal Vogelaer, for which a complete above-ground plant will be built in the new project. In addition to the geothermal plant, an underground transport pipeline will be constructed to connect 11 new customers. In total, the project will heat a further 19 customers previously supplied with geothermal heat by the Greenwell Westland project. 

Challenge and approach

The geothermal transport network consists of a connecting pipeline from the new location of Vogelaer Geothermal in Arckelweg in Poeldijk to a location in Van Ockenburglaan in Honselersdijk. The route is 1.7 km long, most of which will be laid by 7 directional drillings. Along the way, several customers who were previously connected to Greenwell Westland's network will be connected. Work on building the transport pipeline will start in early April, and is expected to continue until the end of September 2023.

Results and features

Because both Vogelaer projects will be linked, this heat can be used for both existing customers of Geothermal Vogelaer and new customers of Geothermal Vogelaer 2. Some preparations will be carried out on the existing facilities of Vogelaer Geothermal Heat during a summer maintenance shutdown. Work on the new facilities is expected to start in September this year, and be completed in 2024.

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