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France: realization of complete heating installation by VB for a 17 hectare greenhouse complex

Recently, our partner Havecon completed a 17 hectare greenhouse for the French tomato nursery Le Maraîchers du Mont Saint-Michel (the growers of the Mont Saint-Michel). Le Maraîchers is a unique company, as there is no comparable tomato nursery yet in this touristic region (the Mont Saint-Michel is less than twenty kilometers away from the nursery).

Besides, such a large production facility is new for the French market. The average nursery there has an acreage of a few hectares.

The greenhouse is yet ready. Beginning of February the plants were planted in the greenhouse and soon the first tomatoes will be harvested. This will immediately be a large number: already in the first year the total 17 hectares will be used for cultivation. Also there is a more intense cooperation between customers of vegetables and growers, which enables Le Maraîchers to deliver customer-specific. Besides, Le Maraîchers will focus on the local market; the customer wants a clean, red and tasty tomato, grown by a company from the region.

Also a processing hall has been built at the nursery, where all tomatoes are packaged to size and delivered from there to the customer. 

VB contributed to this project by delivering a complete heating installation and connected the CHP (Combined Heat & Power) installations as well to the heating systems. Within a record time of only 10 weeks all of the installations are installed to prepare the greenhouse for planting.