Specialist in Geothermal Connections

As market leader in designing and building entire above-ground installations, we provide greenhouses with sustainable heat.

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Invest in the Future of the Greenhouse Sector

Investing in the greenhouse sector not only offers high short-term returns...

... but also, a chance to secure the future of sustainable food production.

Due to the growing population, there are insufficient resources to feed all mouths, but...

... greenhouses present a lasting solution.

Leading in innovation, complete greenhouse construction projects globally, and pioneers in geothermal projects in the Netherlands.

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We deliver on this promise by creating and leveraging Atrium Agri partnership benefits.


Lenneke Morit
Lenneke Morit

Good to know that VB shares its thoughts on how you can carry on growing, especially if you’re ambitious.

- Brand Manager

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Expansion of Westland geothermal plant

Sustainable Geothermal heat


"Work on the new facilities is expected to start in September this year, and be completed in 2024."

Bas Keijzer - Operational Manager Energy
Elite greenhouse for superior flowers and plants

A base for global production


More than 18 high-tech departments in which a large number of Dümmen Orange superior plants and flowers are cultivated in optimal growing conditions.

An Ultra-Modern Greenhouse

A unique project in the Mexican

VB builds 3-hectare deepfloat lettuce system

Turn-key greenhouse for Revol


"Together with our partners, we devised an innovative solution for cooling the greenhouse, resulting in sustainable lettuce cultivation."

Frank van Veen - Operational Manager Horti
Sustainable initiative for greenhouse horticulture

Aardwarmteproject Maasdijk


"This is the first VB project where we’re connecting three sources at once."

Marco de Bruijne - Director Operations VB
Sustainable greenhouse spanning 8,2 hectares

Expansion for Looye Kwekers


Looye Kwekers, with a focus on sustainability, positions Looye Burgerveen 3 as an innovative project that not only meets current needs but is also prepared for a sustainable future.

Complete climate system for high-tech greenhouse in Mexico

Sustainable greenhouse for Finka


"State Governor Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez attended the grand opening, and expressed his delight at this 22-hectare high-tech project."

Nanne Bentvelzen - Technical Sales Manager VB
Sustainable geothermal energy with Trias Westland

54 horticultural companies connected


This is a project by and for the growers. It is very powerful that, through their own cooperative, they collaborate with each other, as well as with large regional companies.

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