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VB is building towards a sustainable future

On Wednesday, March 20th, we symbolically celebrated the commencement of the construction of our new VB building in Westland, Netherlands. Completely in line with our recently presented strategy, the celebration highlighted our commitment to sustainability. Instead of having a traditional groundbreaking event, the children of our employees planted eight large oak trees at the front entrance of the property. With this, we want to give something back to the environment.

Trees represent growth, the reason why we are building our new building. We wanted to make this symbolic start with our own people, their partners, and their children. We want to emphasize that we all contribute to the things we want to achieve: a sustainable future for this generation as well as future generations.

The contours of the new building will gradually become more visible in the coming months. The construction progress can be tracked on this website, at In addition to constructing this new building, we are also investing in our growth and future with a completely new image by created everything from a new logo to this brand-new website.

With this new image, we further emphasize our sustainability strategy: a look that’s based on our core values. For us, sustainable doesn’t only mean the efforts we can all make to create a better environment. Within the horticultural sector, being conscious about the use of energy and water has long been the norm, not the exception. For us, “reliable” and “long-term” are just as important, and we want to ensure that our customers, suppliers and colleagues can all see that.

We will continue to work with our partners to create a sustainable future. One that future generations will and may expect from us. Sustainable Together!